We offer our customers beef and chickens and eggs.  (In 2018 we are not producing chickens and beef is sold out.)

We tend our animals with respect and gratitude.  We believe that meat raised on our farm is the best you can find anywhere.  We feed certified organic grain to our chickens and never give any animal hormones or antibiotics. The animals enjoy an honest-to-goodness natural life, doing whatever activities their species prefers: grazing, rooting, scratching, taking a dust bath, etc.  The taste and quality are far superior to any feedlot or factory raised animal but the impact on the environment is also to be noted.  All of our animals benefit our farm system.  We use their manure, and/or ability to weed and till the soil to enhance the diversity of our farm.  These animals have lived a healthy, outdoor life.

All of our animals are grown with the following:

  • Fresh air
  • Sunlight
  • Certified organic grains (beef is 100% grass-fed)
  • Rotationally grazed, certified organic pastures
  • Shelter from the elements
  • Free-choice mineral supplements

Our meat supply is limited and our demand is strong, so please reserve your meat selection ASAP.  Please contact us for current prices.

We offer beef by the 1/2, 1/4 or 1/8 animal.  We will walk you through what this means, what cuts to expect, etc. if you are interested.  Beef is available in November, vacuum packed, labelled and frozen.

Meat chickens are sold whole--fresh within 5 days of slaughter, or frozen after that. (Check out "The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of the Parts" NYT article. Learn how to cut up a whole chicken here.) Birds are processed at a certified facility, vacuum sealed, labelled with a weight and contain the giblets.  We raise three batches over the summer months which will be ready in mid-June, early July and late August.