We love to grow seedlings.

We grow tens of thousands of seedlings for sale and for use in our own farm fields. These are not your run of the mill, dropped at the big box store, baked in a parking lot all day (sad and stressed!) seedlings. They are big and robust, dark green, well-rooted, carefully tended and seriously ready for the get-go.

The great thing about the varieties we grow and sell to gardeners in our community is. . .they are OUR favorite varieties!! We consider them the best choices for production and reliability for Midcoast Maine. In 2015, we expanded our heated growing space to a 32x96ft greenhouse. It is our goal to heat this space with as much farm grown fuel (firewood) as possible. In 2017, we built a "Sale House" where all of our on-farm sales happen.

As organic farmers, we know that a good seedlings make bountiful yields. We pot all of our plants in VT Compost potting soil, the best mix we have ever used. Because it is made with compost, which is microbially rich and provides long-lasting fertility, we feel that these seedlings get to your garden (and our farm fields!) really ready to grow.

Seedling SALE Days 2019 a complete success. THANK you!!!

You can also purchase our seedlings May-June at the awesome Belfast Coop , Uncle Dean's in Waterville, MaineScape in Blue Hill or The Portland Food Coop.

 We can't wait to see you on the farm!


We love growing robust and sturdy seedlings so that all of our friends and customers can have the productive and strong varieties that we grow for our vegetable wholesale accounts. Every variety is farm-tested and our 3" and 4" seedlings are potted in a biodegradable pot. We are always tweaking our offerings. 2019 will bring some great new tomato varieties, more flowers, herbs and lots of other lovelies!

Check out our fun and funky 2015 Seedling Sale promotional video here!

Healthy, organic seedlings will get your garden off to its best start!!