About US

We are Polly Shyka and Prentice Grassi.  We have been involved in agriculture for 20 years and have been farming this lovely land since 2001. We love to eat delicious food, to be outside, to grow things, to build things and we don't mind getting dirty. We are friendly and professional. We have three young sons and we enjoy the challenges and rewards of working from home with them. We have a beautiful network of family support that makes the busy months possible.

 We both strive to be honest and clear communicators and make it an everyday goal to see things through others' viewpoints. We respect and welcome diversity of all kinds. Our interests besides agriculture include exploring nature, art, music, food, woodworking, everyday activism and peacemaking.



Our Vision

Ultimately, we aspire to build a farm business that is a true asset to our community and local economy. We aim to build a sound farm business that supports our family financially and demonstrates our ethic of service to the land, community and greater good. We train 4-5 farm interns each growing season. We consider our mentorships to be an important way we contribute to the future of agriculture and the health of the Earth community. We hope to not only serve the residents of Waldo County with a wide array of wholesome farm products, but also to create a place where neighbors can interact and people can connect with the source of their food.  We imagine Villageside Farm as a community resource.


Villageside Farm is a diversified, family farm neighboring to the east the small town center of Freedom, Maine. Our farm is comprised of a contiguous 40-acre field of good farmland soils and an 80-acre woodlot.


  • Over 100 varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers for our local community.
  • Vegetable, herb and flower seedlings sold from the farm on May 5, 12, 19. 26, 2018. 8 am -12 noon.
  • Vegetable, herb and flower seedlings sold from Uncle Dean's Good Groceries, The Portland Food Coop and from the Belfast Coop, May-July
  •  Pastured poultry and beef, sold by pre-order.
  • Eggs from pastured, organically-fed chickens, available at our Tuesday Farm Market and the Belfast Coop.